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    PERGL Gas Pump Globes & Restoration Supplies

    PERGL Gas Pump Globes & Restoration Supplies


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    PERGL Gas Pump Globes

    In the 1970's, PERGL began providing high-quality gas pump globe reproductions. Since that time, we have become the premier provider for retailers and hobbyists across the world. PERGL gas pump globe faces and ad panels are made of glass, as they were when used by oil companies from the 1910's through the 1960's. The glass is screened with ceramic paint and fired, just like the old days! We have many more products – ad glass, decals, and pump parts – which you can see in our catalog. Order online or call (585) 310-7187. PERGL specializes in Gas Pump Globes, Gas Pump Ad Glass, Gas Pump Meter Windows, Glass Gas Pump Globe Bodies, Plastic Gas Pump Globe Bodies, Aluminum Gas Pump Globe Bodies, Gas Pump Window and Ad Glass Rubber, Gas Pump Restoration Parts and Supplies, Gas and Petroleum Decals, Gas and Petroleum Porcelain Signs.